2022-3-25 10:43:28


Please pay attention! Jianeng Ruifang made a strong landing on CCTV-7

Recently, good news came that jianeng Ruifang will make a strong landing on CCTV-7 National Defense Military Channel on March 14! CCTV-7 is an important window for the display of national military scientific and technological strength. With the technical strength of "strength to create value and brilliant scientific and technological innovation", jianeng Ruifang complements the national military scientific and technological platform, highlighting the strength of international brands!


As we all know, CCTV, as a national authoritative media, has strict screening criteria for advertising. Only enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and good Hukou reputation can land in glory. As a state-level authoritative media with the widest influence and the strongest credibility, CCTV has a huge audience of more than 1.3 billion and has a reputation at home and abroad. Because of its authority and strong ratings, the advertising exhibition column of CCTV channel has been favored by major brand enterprises. In addition to the examination of the brand enterprise's qualification, CCTV channel also needs to conduct on-the-spot investigation on the brand for the brand enterprises signing the advertising column, so as to ensure the authenticity of brand advertising and the authority of CCTV brand.


Therefore, the appearance of jianeng Ruifang on CCTV is not only a powerful witness to the strength of the brand, but also strengthens jianeng Ruifang's confidence and determination to deeply cultivate new material hydraulic fluid. In addition, in this strategic cooperation with CCTV, Glencore Ruifang also has a major expectation: it hopes to improve the influence and market competitiveness of Glencore Ruifang brand in an all-round, high-level and high style with the help of CCTV's high-quality platform resources, and shape another major milestone in its brand development history.

Since entering the 21st century, in the process of competing with international lubricating oil brands, jianeng Ruifang has also continuously improved its manufacturing strength, and gradually has the product quality comparable to that of world-class brands. Relying on the world's top hydraulic fluid manufacturing and technical strength, it successfully applies the independently developed new environmental protection materials to the products, endowing the products with high quality, environmental protection and no pollution. In addition, jianeng Ruifang integrates innovative black technology into its products, forming an enhanced oil film immediately at the moment of brushing, covering the worn metal surface, reducing friction, repairing wear, improving mechanical power, and giving full play to the operation state.


Honor is not only an encouragement but also a spur for enterprises. In the future, jianeng Ruifang will effectively improve its brand image, continue to accelerate the pace of critical exploration, strengthen the technical strength of independent research and development, and send customers a reassuring and comfortable product experience with better products.

Finally, I would like to congratulate jianeng Ruifang once again for being on CCTV channel. On March 14, jianeng Ruifang made an appointment with you, CCTV7 CCTV national defense military channel. Please pay attention!

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