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What is the function of engine lubricating oil

What are the functions of engine lubricating oil as follows:

1. Engine lubricating oil is the "blood" of automobile, which has the functions of lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, wear, rust prevention, corrosion prevention and so on.

2. Cooling effect: when the engine is working, it generates a lot of heat, which is transformed into kinetic energy after work. The excess heat after work must be dissipated in time. Otherwise, the parts will be damaged due to excessive temperature. The lubricating oil takes away the heat in some parts of the machine to keep the temperature of the working part from being too high.

3. Lubricating oil includes basic oil and additives. Base oil is the main component of lubricating oil, which directly affects the performance of lubricating oil, and additives can make up for and improve some shortcomings of base oil and make it have some new characteristics.

4. If the surface of the engine journal and the engine bearing bush is not fully lubricated, many mechanical parts will fail, such as the friction between the engine journal and the engine bearing bush, resulting in the failure of mechanical parts. Therefore, in the automobile engine, there is a set of lubrication system, which transmits the lubricating oil to the friction surface through gravity flow, splash, pressure circulation and other methods, so that the dry friction between metals becomes liquid, so as to reduce the wear and power loss of friction materials, so as to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

5. The engine is the heart of a car. There are many metal surfaces in it. The movement speed between them is very fast and the environment is very bad, ranging from 400 ℃ to 600 ℃.

Expansion The engine oil can bear a certain impact load transmitted from the bearing and play a buffer role, so as to eliminate the impact load between the bearing and other parts of the engine to a certain extent.

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