Lay the foundation

In 1940, Undine Fabric co founded a mechanical equipment factory with friends in Naples, Italy, specializing in machinery manufacturing, processing and other businesses. After years of development, the mechanical equipment factory has become bigger and bigger. Udine fabric has expanded its business to European countries and become a well-known mechanical equipment manufacturer in Italy. In six years, it has accumulated a lot of wealth, which also laid the foundation for its later establishment of jnrunfa.

be born

Undine Fabric inspected the factory and found that the machines manufactured in the factory had dry friction during operation, resulting in damage or even jamming of parts, resulting in serious power consumption and affecting production efficiency. At that time, the general equipment oil on the market was inefficient and often had to be replaced, which increased the operating cost of the enterprise and caused certain pollution to the environment. Therefore, in 1948, Undine fabric turned to the oil field, founded the "jnrunfa" brand, and hired Charles, who graduated from Oxford University and has a doctor's degree in engineering and chemistry, as the brand R & D Master.


Undine Fabric positions its brand as a special brand for high-end and precision equipment derived from new environmental protection materials. Jnrunfa has the world's top manufacturing and technical strength, and uses self-developed new environmental protection materials to produce high-quality products with excellent performance. In 1966, with its excellent products and high-quality services, jnrunfa was favored by customers at home and abroad, and became the designated brand of precision machinery and equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Undine Fabrice


Quality is the soul of products. The pursuit of quality and the focus on details of Italians have become the soul of "made in Italy". Therefore, bright pearls have been cast here in the field of handicraft and manufacturing, such as bvlgati, Gucci, Ferrari and other famous brands set sail from here to the world. "JNRUNFA" was born in the hydraulic fluid brand of Italy, the "famous brand capital". It has its own excellent gene of Italian manufacturing industry. It is unique and has its own company by virtue of its advanced independent R & D technology, excellent product quality, the application of new environmental protection materials and the world's top manufacturing strength. At present, Canon Ruifang has a long history of more than 80 years in Italy. Its hydraulic fluid products are favored by major mechanical equipment companies in Europe, and become the only designated brand of hydraulic fluid by major high-end equipment institutions in Europe.

As an exclusive manufacturer and win-win agent of Guangdong Wanneng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd., it will become a leading company in China's high-end and win-win strategy of "Wanneng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd." in 2020, and become a more professional and win-win company in China's high-end hydraulic equipment industry.


JNRUNFA has high-end and professional instruments and equipment, and its manufacturing strength is the top in the world. Its products cover all kinds of high-performance hydraulic fluid products. JNRUNFA's factory is an intelligent chemical plant built in accordance with world-class standards. Based on industry 4.0, it adopts the most advanced automatic elevated three-dimensional warehouse, production automation control system, automatic filling line transportation system, brand-new SAP system and highly integrated manufacturing system in the industry to realize the coordination of the whole production process, the automatic control of storage, transportation and filling and the supervision and management of each sub control unit, Not only the production efficiency is very high, but also the product quality is world-class.

JNRUNFA deeply recognizes that the laboratory is a key link in the quality control of hydraulic fluid products. It has built a special hydraulic liquefaction laboratory and has the world's top analysis and testing equipment, which shows its attention to product quality. JNRUNFA's products are produced in strict accordance with international standards, and have passed the certification of a number of international authoritative institutions, with guaranteed quality and more assured use.


At present, JNRUNFA has many of the world's top automatic production lines, multiple product testing equipment and large three-dimensional storage. There are more than 10 basic oil tanks, which can store tens of thousands of tons of oil at the same time, and the annual output of hydraulic fluid is as high as 50000 tons.


JNRUNFA attaches great importance to the construction of talent team and the introduction of talents. Charles, who graduated from Oxford University and has a doctor's degree in engineering and chemistry, is the master of brand development. The technical team is composed of senior technical experts in the industry for many years. They have more than ten years of industrial technical experience and have a deep professional research on hydraulic fluid.

In addition to "soft power", in terms of "hardware", Canon Ruifang is also unremitting. It has an advanced R & D center and a professional R & D team. Its R & D team adheres to innovation, obtains a number of patents in product R & D, and combines its patented new environmental protection materials with advanced technology, so that the hydraulic fluid has good high-temperature stability, excellent wear resistance, can withstand heavy load, effectively reduce friction resistance, less volatilization and more durable, It has many advantages, such as effectively reducing operating costs, environmental protection and no pollution.


JNRUNFA hydraulic fluid adopts self-developed new environmental protection materials, organizes production and strict quality process control in strict accordance with international quality system standards, and constantly improves the quality assurance system. All technical indicators of the product have passed ISO international standards and SAE certification in the United States, and has a number of self-developed invention patents and utility model patents.

  • 1948

    Founded the "JNRUNFA" brand;

  • 1949

    Purchased land and built a factory, and successfully developed the first batch of JNRUNFA hydraulic fluid;

  • 1950-1954

    Assembled several production lines and expanded product production;

  • 1955-1956

    A new environmental protection material has been developed and successfully applied to product production to comprehensively improve product performance;

  • 1957-1960

    Successfully developed hydraulic fluids suitable for different instruments and equipment and different viscosities, opening the road of brand overseas expansion;

  • 1960-1966

    Developed rapidly and became the designated supplier of hydraulic fluid for many precision equipment companies in Europe;

  • 1966-1972

    Expand the factory and further expand the scale;

  • 1973-2013

    Add a number of global top automatic production lines, improve production capacity, technological innovation, and focus on the R & D and manufacturing of high-end hydraulic fluid;

  • 2014-2019

    Increase investment, comprehensively optimize and upgrade the original technology, facilities and equipment, and realize industrial 4.0 transformation;

  • 2020

    Reach strategic cooperation with "Guangdong Wanqi win-win Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." and officially attack the Chinese market;

  • 2021

    The brand cooperates with "SSJD" to carry out all-round and multi-dimensional brand marketing promotion strategy to boost brand development.


Since its establishment, JNRUNFA has always adhered to the brand concept of "green, science and technology, safety and efficiency", invested in the whole process of product R & D and production, kept improving, pursued product quality, continued to improve, and continued to output good products for the market.


Independent research and development of new environmental protection materials, refined by green and pollution-free processing technology, is committed to being a pioneer in low-carbon environmental protection and making the world more green;


The world's top manufacturing strength adheres to scientific and technological innovation, contributes to sustainable development, and takes making high-quality products as the foundation of business;


Manufacturing safety products to provide strong guarantee for mechanical work;


With the world's top manufacturing strength, we can create hydraulic fluid products with more durable performance and realize mechanical efficiency and low consumption.

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