JNRUNFA As a high-end brand focusing on the R & D, production and sales of hydraulic fluid, "jianeng Ruifang" is always at the forefront of the industry. In 2020, it carried out strategic cooperation with Guangdong Wanqi Gongjin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Wanqi Gongjin became its exclusive general agent in China, formally entering the Chinese market and bringing more environmentally friendly, professional and high-end products to major equipment companies and enterprises in China.



Lay the foundation

In 1940, Undine Fabric co founded a mechanical equipment factory with friends in Naples, Italy, specializing in machinery manufacturing, processing and other businesses. After years of development, the mechanical equipment factory has become bigger and bigger. Udine fabric has expanded its business to European countries and become a well-known mechanical equipment manufacturer in Italy. In six years, it has accumulated a lot of wealth, which also laid the foundation for its later establishment of jnrunfa.

be born

Undine Fabric inspected the factory and found that the machines manufactured in the factory had dry friction during operation, resulting in damage or even jamming of parts, resulting in serious power consumption and affecting production efficiency. At that time, the general equipment oil on the market was inefficient and often had to be replaced, which increased the operating cost of the enterprise and caused certain pollution to the environment. Therefore, in 1948, Undine fabric turned to the oil field, founded the "jnrunfa" brand, and hired Charles, who graduated from Oxford University and has a doctor's degree in engineering and chemistry, as the brand R & D Master.


Undine Fabric positions its brand as a special brand for high-end and precision equipment derived from new environmental protection materials. Jnrunfa has the world's top manufacturing and technical strength, and uses self-developed new environmental protection materials to produce high-quality products with excellent performance. In 1966, with its excellent products and high-quality services, jnrunfa was favored by customers at home and abroad, and became the designated brand of precision machinery and equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Undine Fabrice

R&D capability

Jianeng Ruifang attaches great importance to the construction of talent team and the introduction of talents. Charles, who graduated from Oxford University and has a doctor's degree in engineering and chemistry, is the master of brand development. The technical team is composed of senior technical experts in the industry for many years. They have more than ten years of industrial technical experience and have a deep professional research on hydraulic fluid.

core technology

The production of jianeng Ruifang is fully closed and operated by automatic remote control. It has the characteristics of more durability, environmental protection and safety stable product quality and the advantages of technical iteration. Its manufacturing strength has reached the world's top level.

  • Environmental protection materials

    The industry's first high polymer environmental protection materials can comprehensively improve product performance, make products more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and will not pollute the environment.
  • Pao hydrogenation technology

    Improve the viscosity index of base oil, effectively improve the oil film thickness between the friction surfaces of various parts, the stronger the protection effect on the friction surfaces of parts, and reduce the internal friction during mechanical operation.
  • Energy saving factor technology

    Green environmental protection saves more than 5% of fuel, excellent oxidation stability and clean dispersion, effectively resist the formation of oil sludge carbon deposition, and keep the instrument engine highly clean.
  • High speed airflow nano comminution technology

    Effectively control the particle size of additives, adsorb and fill on the friction surface to form a new surface, produce self-healing effect, so that the hydraulic fluid can adsorb and penetrate into the metal surface to form a super oil film, effectively increase the anti-wear performance, so as to effectively prolong the service life and maintenance cycle of engines and industrial equipment.

Anti wear hydraulic oil


It is applicable to the hydraulic system of medium and high pressure vane pump (17.5ma), plunger pump (up to 34.5ma) and gear pump, as well as the hydraulic system of medium and high pressure engineering machinery, imported equipment and quality.


Excellent viscosity temperature performance ensures good lubrication, cooling and sealing of hydraulic components under the condition of changing working pressure and temperature
Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance can slow down the wear of equipment and effectively prolong the operation life of pump and system
Excellent oxidation stability, slow down the decay rate of oil products and prolong the oil change period
Excellent foam resistance and air release ensure the sensitive, accurate and stable transmission of static pressure energy of the system;


Klanding on CCTV channel
to write brand legend

The general manager of a well-known company once said: "Of course, it's important for consumers to see your advertisements, but there's also a part to show to customers, to your retailers, and even to your employees. Your dealers are all over the country. If they can't see your advertisements, they won't dare to sell your goods, and if they can't sell your goods, they won't push your products; as employees, if they can't see their own advertisements, they will gradually lose confidence in the enterprise."


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